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    by Published on 10-29-2009 12:00 PM
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    German security firm Avira has admitted it falsely warned that a beta version of an upcoming security package from its Romanian rival was contaminated with a Trojan. Few users outside the testing community would be running Avira and BitDefender 2011 beta 4 at the same time, so the incident is notable only as providing an illustration of how easy it is for security suites to trigger false positives.

    News of the false alarm was broken on a Romanian language blog (here) and later confirmed by both firms involved.

    "Avira mistakenly reported that the BitDefender 2011 product, that hasn't been publicly released yet, was a Trojan. We spotted this on August 10th and provided an automatic fix in the same day.” said Sorin Mustaca, manager of international software development at Avira.
    Avira later explained, via a revised statement, that BitDefender's beta had "suspicious properties" that set off warning bells.
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