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CITEC Space is the place where people mainly focusing about "Learn, Build and Share knowledge about what we have discovery in all IT fields. If you love about programming, web designing, hacking, it security, digital forensic, electronic developing, anything in-dept about IT feel free to join us.

What we do?
1. Exchange and Share the knowledge in various topics especially in IT fields.
2. Meet people who love and doing the same thing.
3. Build the project just for fun or useful to the public.
4. Entertainment: Listen to music, Play Game, Sport
5. Movie Night (Watch cool movie that good for our life.)

What we have?
1. High Speed Internet
2. Co-Working Space
3. Printer
4. Food/Drink
5. Air condition
6. Meeting/Seminar room
7. Hardware Device
8. Spy Device
9. Game Console


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How to find us


บริษัท CITEC Evolution Co., Ltd

40/2 ซ. ประติพัทธ์ 13 ถ.ประติพัทธ์ แขวง สามเสนใน
เขต พญาไท 10400 กรุงเทพ.
Tel/Fax: 02-2796545

แนะนำการเดินทาง: ลง BTS สถานสะพานควาย
แล้วต่อ Taxi/Motorcycle มาที่ซ. ประดิพัทธ์ 13

CITEC Evolution Co. , Ltd